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Daily Archives: March 11, 2009

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Revival or revile…?

So… remember when Gus Van Sant committed cinematic sacrilege and remade Psycho? Well, a terrorizing shit storm rained down on him for a while, and rightfully so. That’s Hitchcock, man. And the very existence of that blasphemous piece of work… the mere chance… that a

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8 Bit Hip Hop Remix

Sometimes it isn’t enough to play in Video Game Land- sometimes you just get the urge to live there. Helping us out with one tiny facet of bring 8-Bit World to reality is this little hip hop mix, created with NES sounds. I imagine this

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Doctor Knows Best?

Police officers, politicians, psychologists, manufacturers, doctors. As a result of modernization we rely on these people more and more. Since we rely on them we are forced to trust their judgement and advice. Unfortunately, we as a species are naive and often too trustworthy of

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Did you say “Hey Blinken?”

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I was laying in bed reading the New York Times on my Blackberry and came across an article about Abe Lincoln’s pocket watch. Apparently it had been repaired by a watchman who always alleged that he had engraved a

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The Not So Splendid Splenda

“Splenda is recognized as safe to ingest as a diabetic sugar substitute.” -( But is it really? After one article triggering my curiosity I read more and found a slew of sites proclaiming otherwise. Get the sweets after the jump…

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C’mon Jimmy, I’m rootin’ for ya…

Okay, so, Jimmy Fallon…not the best late night show host. I know most of you are probably looking at the computer screen with a sarcasm-smeared face, as if I just said “A is for Apple.” But for some reason, I thought he’d do better.I really,