Donions: Word of the Year

Deadly Sri Lankan Walking Onion

Chris, Juan and I were hanging out with our DC homebrew Trevor, and after a very grueling week, we had to give a presentation in front of some VIPs at the crack of dawn. When the presentation was over and the monumental weight was lifting off our shoulders, we were crossing the street and Trevor, slapping the air in front of him, proclaimed,

“Yo guys, we’re DONIONS.”

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Immediately, we three knew we had witnessed perhaps the greatest new word to enter our parlance. And so as to nudge it closer to our popular lexicon, I present it to you. Use it liberally, and use it with gusto.

The definition, according to Urban Dictionary:

1) Done; Finished; Complete.

2) Wasted; Intoxicated, from drugs and/or alcohol, to the point at which no more partying shall take place for the evening/morning.

3) To be in over one’s head; To be in a great deal of trouble, screwed.

1) Q: “Hey, man, you have any more exams this week?”
A: “Hell no, man, I’m donions.”

2) “Wow, look at that kid passed out on the couch. He’s donions…Hey hand me that marker!”

3) “When her father came home early from work and found us in bed, I was donions.”

[Source: Deckman]
Another urban dictionary source gives us similar, but perhaps even more entertaining, definitions:
1. An exclamation expressing a state of being finished
2. A way to express a defeat or a victory
3. Another way to say the word onions
1. “So how’d last night go?”
“Well, dinner was aiiight, but once I got her in my room and turned on some R. Kelly, that shit was donions”
2. “Yo, I heard that jiggaboo was grillin’ you like you were a burger”
“Yea, but I slapped him with da dick, and his ass was donions”
3. “Welcome to Bears Den”
“Hi, I’d like a cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles and extra donions”
[Source: Scotty Tehduh]

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2 Responses

  1. Anthony Cronin says:

    Its true. Donions is a great word. I use it all the time =D

  2. Anthony Cronin says:

    Its true. Donions is a great word. I use it all the time =D

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