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Daily Archives: February 24, 2009

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80s Crushes: Where Are They Now?

A few surefire methods for inducing that depression you’ve been staving off all winter. 1) Study the economic crisis closely and/or the state of popular music and radio. 2) Re-watch old SNL episodes from the early 90s that you could’ve sworn were gut-bustingly hilarious. 3)

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Oscar? Is that you?

In the wake of the 81st Academy Awards telecast, it has become apparent that many of us who reside on the colder end of the country, far away from the hallucinogenic fumes of Hollywood, have come to regard the ceremony with a variable amount of

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Donions: Word of the Year

Chris, Juan and I were hanging out with our DC homebrew Trevor, and after a very grueling week, we had to give a presentation in front of some VIPs at the crack of dawn. When the presentation was over and the monumental weight was lifting