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Welcome Morgan, PopTen’s First Guest Blogger!


An epic welcome to our first guest blogger, the inimitable Morgan Holzer!

For nearly a year, I’ve been lucky enough to find myself on Morgan’s monthly mix email list. Once a month, Morgan condiments my inbox with a brand new music mix, culling all of the latest bands she’s heard (live or otherwise) into one meticulously-thought-out, brilliant package. It becomes the monthly soundtrack to my life. Nowadays, the mix even comes with a printable cover for that mixtape/mixCD you wish you still made.

On receiving her Best of 2008 mix, with the year’s thirty best singles, I realized what a no brainer it was- I had to get Morgan guest blogging on PopTen.

Luckily for all of us, Morgan signed on, and now you’ll soon be reveling in the gift that is new music. And I can vicariously enjoy a project which I always swore to myself I’d do (after hearing Cameron Crowe tell us that he’s made a monthly mix since he was a teenager at the premiere of Almost Famous).

A hearty welcome to our new indie music ambassador. We’re so glad you’ve arrived.

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