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Sasha and Malia are winning, big.

After a White House scavenger hunt! (A WHITE HOUSE SCAVENGER HUNT! I wish I knew what was hidden in the Lincoln Bedroom!) They open a door to find the JONAS BROTHERS (which would be a huge deal if you were a tween girl! The best job in the country right now, by far, is being Sasha and Malia (or one of their bffs, I’ve seen “First Daughter” I know it can get lonely).

Now there’s even MORE amazing First-Daughters news from the lovely folks at CNN:

“Ty denies Obama girls inspired Sweet Sasha, Marvelous Malia”

That’s right folks:
“The company that brought the world Beanie Babies is now selling dolls named Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia, but a spokeswoman insists that the dolls have nothing to do with President Obama’s young daughters.”

Sigh. Amazing.

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