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Monthly Archives: January 2009

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Welcome Morgan, PopTen’s First Guest Blogger!

An epic welcome to our first guest blogger, the inimitable Morgan Holzer! For nearly a year, I’ve been lucky enough to find myself on Morgan’s monthly mix email list. Once a month, Morgan condiments my inbox with a brand new music mix, culling all of

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Top Ten Movies I haven’t seen of 2008

2009 stands before us as a beacon of movie-going hope! The future will be so grand! There are so many movies that I probably won’t see in theaters! “He’s just not that into you,” “Star Trek,” the list is endless, and I look forward to

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01.05.08 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

Year Begins: Things to look forward to… 1. STAGE 9 to 5 (April 2009) Based on the 1980 femme centric revenge film comes a new musical with new songs composed by Dolly Parton to accompany her iconic title track. It’s that last bit of information