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California Hippie Strangles Himself with Own Dreadlocks


Now that I’ve got your attention, yesterday the 20th of Janurary 2009, was history. I’m not telling you something you don’t already know unless you’ve had your head in your bum for the last twenty months. What I am going to give you a little insight into is someone named Michael Franti. A man who to some may cause their ears to bleed, but to others he sings a sweet melody. He is not only a political activist and “community organizer” (hmmm where have I heard of that occupation before) but he is also an avid speaker of the pull-out in Iraq/Afghanistan. His preach for peace expressed by his musical lyrics has made him popular enough to say “NO” to Will Smith and “sayonara” to Capitol records. Franti, by adding only a few words to his band name Michael Franti & Spearhead, created his own record label so anything created by simply Spearhead wasn’t owned by a record company powerhouse. More about why he doesn’t wear shoes after the break. Get this: In the summer of 2000 in an anti-poverty protest he refused to wear shoes on the long hike towards financial equality and has since, not worn shoes. Except of course in a gas station bathroom, or a plane (in which he promptly takes them off when his seat buckle is low and tight across his belt), and probably in fancy restaurants but regardless- he’s making a statement. BTW, WHAT was Britney thinking?

Nonetheless, Franti has decided to keep his feet naked at least until poverty-stricken areas like parts of Oakland, CA are cleaned up (the city he was raised in). He even produced a documentary about the turmoil in Iraq and its effect on the civilians living there. He’s a regular California Hippy.

But what I am most fond of now that Michael Franti has produced is what is below. In yoga last night, instead of the usual hymns we sing and the sun salutations to warm us up, my yoga teacher blasted this in the darkness. And we danced the entire time:

I hope you bounce as much as I did.

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