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The hook is simple: Twitter + Music.

But somehow it’s far more brilliant and fun than Twitter. Hell, it’s the best idea for a website I’ve seen since Yahoo Answers and even more addictive. Jump into the site, type whatever song you’re in the mood for and it starts playing. Or scan down the list of blips (tweets) and feel free to play any song someone else has blipped. Or if you think someone has good taste, you favorite them, and then have plenty of DJs that are playing mixes for you veinticuatro/siete. Sure I like Pandora, but after a few hours they seem to get repetitive. Last FM is fine, but I didn’t like opening the app. This gives you songs plus haiku-esque koans (or just non-sequiters) about each song from the person blipping it. And its as fantastic as it is detestably Web 2.0-ey. But mostly just fantastic, specifically for us music obsessives. If you jump on, friend me. I’m pareboy.

[Thanks for pointing it out to me, Internet Jedi Ian Schafer!]

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