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Top Ten Slap Stick Web Videos

Back in the day, a pie in the face was the funniest thing known to man. Movie stars simply had to fall on their face over and over in new creative ways to make a fortune. With roots that go back to the beginning of comedy, slap stick is at the very foundation of funny. From Vaudeville to El Chavo to Die Hard to The Simpsons slap stick has defined our culture and made us laugh.

In our modern age we are reinventing slap stick. It all started with Bob Saget, which is a great place to begin any story. America’s funniest home videos created a new form of unstaged slapstick that was incidentally recorded. Now the masses have the ability to publish video on the web, everyone’s most embarrassing moments can now be shared.

Top 10 Slap Stick Web Videos after the jump,

Warning Some of these are a bit brutal.

10. This one is totally tasteless, but I am in stitches every time i watch it.

9. Turn down the music on this next one. If the music were better, I would give it a much higher rating, cause the finds are priceless.

8. This one looks really bad. Apparently the child wasn’t hurt badly, but if you are squeamish don’t watch this one.

7. This is a timeless classic web video. To this day I don’t know why he got mad. I would be proud as hell of work like this.

6. I grew up with the Three Stooges. They still do it for me every time.

5. 67 million Fing views. What the F. I am so jealous. These two are a modern Laurel and Hardy.

4. Water accidents are amazing. No one gets hurt and we can all laugh.

3. Perseverance will get you any where. This forever classic web video will be close to my heart forever.

2. Hit me in the face with a soccer ball, cause I think I am dreaming. This video is about perfect. What soccer player hasn’t been hit in the face.

1. This one is for Andy Marino. Back when web video was a new and fun he would make me watch this over and over again. If anything proves the presence of God and the plot of Serendipity this does.

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