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Support Love! Fight H8!

I protested for the first time today! I walked down Broadway from the high 60s to Columbus Circle… I’m not by definition a protester, in the early 2000’s when people were blowing whistles and walking out of NYU classes to protest the war, I stayed back. I believe strongly that the way to change the world is to do it from the inside. I believe in volunteering to start, making small differences in people’s lives and working up to making big differences.

But I remember years ago saying that the only things I really feel comfortable protesting, the things that I feel are infallible but are for some reason up for grabs, are abortion rights and gay rights. (I’m not going to talk about how I believe that marriage is a civil right, and how I believe that minority rights is not something that should be put to a popular vote, and how I cannot understand why anyone would actively, monetarily, physically support something that promotes hatred, and how I do not see how any God could not want happy families…) but! I will say, that standing alone with hundreds of people you don’t know, and running into old friends you love, yelling and screaming for the rights of your best friends, of your family, of Americans, it feels pretty good!

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