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Obama the Celebrity

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Unfortunately, I’m already dreading the next chapter for all the Obama supporters. A lot of them are going to keep obsessing. And it’s going to get on my nerves. (not that I haven’t been one of those annoying Obamaites myself for the last few months)

I was in the airport the Monday after the election, and I saw an US weekly with Barack and Michelle on the cover. A day later, I saw a Daily News at the grocery store with the Obama daughters next to Miley Cyrus. Somehow, this has gone from “Holy Shit, how did this possibly happen,” to “Wow, we just elected Brangelina”

I’m not ready for my President to show up on Access Hollywood. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to see those celebrity columns with pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker doing “normal” things. Guess what! They take out the trash! No shit. They make movies too. I sometimes watch those movies. This does not mean I should care about whether they ordered a non-fat venti machiatto this morning.

As a favor to The Man, I want to make sure he never worries about my thoughts on his choice of coffee. (And yes, Obama is officially The Man now. The Man the hippies used to talk about.) Think about it – if you’re one of those diehard people who followed every poll, you really don’t want to start tracking his toilet paper brand. If we sic the Paparazzi on Obama, he’s gonna have to waste a lot of time worrying about every single stupid decision he makes…

I think he has more important things to take care of right now.

But then again…

After the Jump, Misgivings about my burgeoning annoyance…

At least it’s not Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo.

Isn’t it nice having people obsess over a strong black family with two accomplished loving parents who care about civil service, family, and their fellow man? Don’t they make good role models? Cause let me tell you… Britney sure as hell ain’t cuttin it.

If we have to watch videos of breathless journalists narrating while some guy drops his kids off at school, I’d rather that guy be Obama.

Plus, I admit, it’s probably a really good move. As a nation, we forgive people once we’ve sacrificed them to the Gods of Pop Culture. Look at Robert Downey Jr. Obama probably needs the PR to bide him some time while he tries to get us out of this one.

So hooray for us.


You still can’t make me care about which breed of dog they get…

And besides, why worry about that when you’ve got things like this out there in the world:

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