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Britain Britain Britain!!!

Oh how I love thee! I love how you spell “apologize” “apologise!” I love how your busses apologise for being out of service! I love how you eat meat pies and have a condiment called “brown!” I love the British “Office!” Sure Michael Scott is funny, but he is clearly no David Brent! (Is anyone watching “Little Britain America?” if so please let me know your thoughts…) As someone who has no clear grasp of other languages England is the perfect mix of Europe and words I can still understand! Also clearly, I’ve used too many exclamation points to express my love, but there just aren’t words! Lucky for me, there’s a list. Today’s reason to love the British is that they made a list of things the traits they see in themselves! Here are my favorites

21. Uncomfortable talking about emotions
19. Meat and two veg (what does that mean?? Also, the word “veg” is gross)
14. Enjoying other people’s misfortune
10. Moaning
5. Getting drunk
1. Talking about the weather

Full (and brilliant) list after the jump!

From the Daily Mail

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