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A Particularly Amusing Cultural Footnote?

Ah Sarah Palin- tabloid supernova.

Almost as fascinating as watching the Obama Campaign’s brilliant path to victory has been seeing this slow-motion train wreck unfurl. Has anyone skyrocketed to overnight fame faster than our favorite Alaskan moose hunter? Between August 28th & 29th the Google search for Sarah Palin must have gone from zero to millions. (Anyone have the exact #?) And rarely has someone been so quickly thrust into the spotlight and under the microscope as our red-coated avenger. (Has a democrat ever so boldly worn blue?)

The post-election gurglings of the Palin camp have been something to relish. The disintegration in the ranks we all smelled since August, the emerging accounts of her diva-dom, the decimation of her character.

And now, is Sarah Palin the world’s most entertaining cultural footnote of 2008?

Is Sarah Palin the Vanilla Ice, Corey Feldman, Gary Coleman or Adam West of the year?

I hope she’s fielding calls from Mark Burnett’s people… best reality show ever.


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