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Daily Archives: November 11, 2008

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Britain Britain Britain!!!

Oh how I love thee! I love how you spell “apologize” “apologise!” I love how your busses apologise for being out of service! I love how you eat meat pies and have a condiment called “brown!” I love the British “Office!” Sure Michael Scott is

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It’s Always Scary in Philadelphia: 25 Hours of Horror

Last weekend I took a bus to Philadelphia and sat in a movie theater next to Popten’s Matt Lambert and Choice Grinds’ Mike Jada for 25 straight hours. The occasion? Exhumed Films’ annual 24-hour horrorfest (with added daylight-savings bonus hour). That’s 14 horror movies in

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Top 10 Reasons To Pay Homage to Miriam Makeba

As I’m sure some of you know by now, international music icon, Miriam Makeba died yesterday. I could probably right 50 reasons why we should hold our heads in reverence, but I’ll spare you. Plus, it’s popten, not popfifty. 1.) The most obvious…it’s Miriam Makeba!

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YouTube Fight! The Best Movie Theme Song of All Time

In the history of the universe, never will we have a better theme song. (Other superlatives The Never Ending Story scores- Best Line Delivery While Biting Into a Sandwich. “No. Not too much.” Classic.) You dare to disagree? One-up me in the comments (or other