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Your Wish, Jeb’s Command

From HawkesKlien:

“Man I can’t lie right about now I’d give anything to watch 4543 more seasons of the West Wing… I would watch hours of uncut footage watching Josh Lyman just stroll around the White House getting coffee and sometimes answering the phone… what are the Bartlett’s doing in New Hampshire right about now? Watching a lot of tv? Learning to cook Mediterranean food? Staging globe-theater historically accurate productions of Shakespeare’s greatest works on their back porch? I don’t care. I just want to know!”

Hawkes, you have forced my hand. Jeb Bartlett alive and well in 2008, and he has some wisdom to share with our boy.

The fact that Aaron Sorkin writes HIS OWN FANFIC has raised him tenfold in my esteem.

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