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Bush McCain ’08?

12:01pm – Next day final thoughts

Alright, so I’m not very good at liveblogging political events.

Watching the debate and writing about it at the same time requires a hell of a lot of concentration. I have way more respect for sportswriters now, and I promise, I’ll try not to get angry again when I have to wait 12 minutes after a Redskins game for the first AP article to come out. Also, Andy had way funnier comments than I. for posterity’s sake, I’d like to note that all the timestamps on his comments are 4 hours off. He was commenting contemperaneously (to use a Joe Biden word that Palin would probably miss on the SATs) We fixed the time setting on the site, but I can’t change old ones.

My first thought is that Palin sounds like she has no idea what she’s talking about. Really. Not a surprise, but still. I would have assumed that by now she would have developed some understanding of how government works and economic policy and all that fun stuff required to run a country. It’s hard shit, but she’s been cramming for a long time now.

My second thought is that she reminds me a lot of George Bush in 2000.

To review – the last 8 years happened because we elected a President who has no real understanding of how the world works. So he hires a Vice President straight out of Halliburton and then lets him outsource a 10 Billion dollar a month war to his former company and spy on the American people. Whenever they needed Presidential approval, they just said things like “Hey Georgy, guess what, those guys that flew a plane into the World Trade Center are in Iraq” and then Georgy says “Go get em boys!”. Doesn’t anyone remember that Cheney was President of one of the largest government contractors immediately before becoming VP and will probably get rehired with a multimillion dollar bonus as soon as he leaves? How is this not bribery!? Think about it!!!

Why would anyone in their right mind think it’s a good idea to elect another candidate who resembles that guy (it’s uncanny in that photograph, isn’t it?)

After the Jump – lots more about Palin and McCain, and my kind of weak live blogging attempt…

This time, the Republicans have given us a former flyboy candidate who has strong (and some times good) opinions about whatever issue he happens to be paying attention to, but doesn’t really know or care about all the other ones. The problem with John McCain is that he’ll push for campaign finance reform, which I agree with, but then he completely wiffs on the economy because he doesn’t know anything about it (he has pretty much admitted this) Oh yeah, he’s a maverick, and that makes him as impulsive as an eight year old kid. It sort of works for him in the senate, because you don’t have to run a huge administration and you can focus on one issue at a time, but it sure as shit doesn’t work for a President. If you’re running around singing bomb bomb bomb Iran and Drill Baby Drill, the greedy little fuckers who sidled into you’re administration from Exxon, KBR and Bechtel are going to hijack the government. They’ve done it for the last eight years, and if he gets elected, they’ll do it again.

And then, instead of picking a Vice President who might be able to cover for these glaring administrative weaknesses, he picks the least qualified candidate I have ever seen in a Presidential Election. So who is going to actually run the country!? Have we forgotten that running the United States is one of the single most complicated and difficult jobs in existence? I couldn’t do it. Whoever you are, you probably couldn’t do it either. The fact that everyone grows up wanting to be president does not mean it’s going to happen. I am not 7 feet tall and I am not qualified to play in the NBA. I am OK with this. Most of us got over that in High School. The American people need to get over the fact that the guy (or gal in this case) sitting next to them in a bar should not be President. Really. It wouldn’t be a good idea.

And this is a bipartisan issue. If you genuinely believe in conservative governance, then you have been totally betrayed over the last eight years by a party whose true concern is funneling as much money as possible into the bank accounts of friends and family. Privatization is just a code word for “lets spend twice as much money doing what we were doing already, but give it to people we know”. John McCain has not demonstrated anything remotely close to the ability to effectively govern his own campaign. How do we expect him to reign in the richest and most powerful people on earth?

I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard a commentator comparing last night’s debate to the first Bush-Gore debate in 2000. She had that tone in her voice that I’ve heard from a lot of Democrats in the last eight years. It was a confused and scared tenor that says, “Yes, we all know that these Republicans are totally full of shit, but they keep winning, so, God Forbid, it might happen again”. Ok. I have a little more faith in the America than that. Back then, the public didn’t really understand how dangerous incompetence is. We’ve had 8 years to get that mistake jackhammered into our skulls.

We are in the midst of a Financial Crisis that is the direct result of that incompetence.

We have spent five years and over 4000 lives in a mismanaged war that was a direct result of that incompetence.

I don’t think we’ll make the same mistake twice.


10:11 – holy shit – I think she’s just lost it

10:09 – Did she just wink?

9:54 – Joe Biden may need to stop referring to himself in the third person

9:47 – I don’t know how long she’s been around but ahdfjkgjuh whatever his name is is not actually the leader of Iran

9:34 – let’s all remember that a few months palin said that climate change was not manmade. Drill baby Drill? 3 percent guys!

9:23 – well it’s good to know that palin still hasn’t figured out how to answer questions – let’s hope the moderator pegs her on it…

7:02pm – well, just in case you haven’t heard, we’ve got a debate tonight. Given that this is probably the most highly anticipated vice-presidential debate in history, I thought I’d try a little something new – we’ll see how that goes. Right now I’m in NYC at the Bourbon Street Bar with the Manhattan Young Dems. More updates to follow…

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