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File Under: What? – File 2

-PB&J verbal attack at Whole Foods

So I’m in line at Whole Foods waiting for my number to be called to check out and this normal looking, dressed well, decently attractive guy next to me turns, shines a big toothy grin and starts yelling. He says, “Oh man! Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, seriously is there anything better? So I smile, as much as I can despite the weirdness, and then quickly grab my phone as if there’s an urgent call coming through. But this doesn’t stop him. “Oh my god, it’s just the perfect balance! And all those good carbs and protein! I mean, man! You can’t beat this protein…”

… ummmm, yeah

And a final note, as I was walking home with my groceries, I was bombarded by a camera crew, three bodyguards and an entourage all surrounding Dennis Rodman. Seriously.

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