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Attention Sports Fans

Lil Wayne had me at “cracked skull forehead tattoo, purple jeans and snug leather jacket.” (This year SNL has been epic, Space Olympics, Tina Fey, a cuuuuutie patootie pregnant Amy… Since I never listen to the radio because I hate DJs with all my heart and soul, the music on SNL this year has been particularly entertaining. I also had an itunes gift card… So now I listen to “got money” by Lil Wayne and “mercy” by Duffy on repeat.) I’m an easy girl to please. Immediately I was comfortable announcing that I like him… now I’m using this public form to change that cool like to a strong love.

Lil Wayne has started blogging for ESPN… why? “I got ESPN tattooed on my arm.” in other words, why the hell not? He’s only on his second blog but so far there are so many gems its difficult to narrow it down.

So for your consideration the “Top 5 quotes from Lil Wayne’s second ESPN Blog”after the jump…

5 – “He must know God’s phone number, ’cause he is superhuman. Like, Brett Favre? Come on. He’s like 3900 years old and he threw for six touchdowns?”

4 – “…come on, who sprains their shoulder? I’ve never sprained my shoulder. And when I sprain my ankle or my wrist, it takes a few weeks for me to feel better. I’m not an athlete, but that’s just how it goes.”

3 – “I have a wonderful chef and he cooks whatever I like. During the games it’s usually steak and lobster. I’m a steak and lobster dude. My friends don’t get their choice of food, they just gotta eat whatever I was feeling that day.”

2 – “You know how you can envision a team in the World Series? I don’t see them. I close my eyes and I see the Tampa Bay Rays.”

1 – “Like, if the Cubs win, you already know they’re going to the World Series.”

Read the blog in it’s entirety here:

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