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Daily Archives: October 31, 2008

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Doctor Atomic: A Rant and/or Review

Now being performed at the Metropolitan Opera through November 13th Modern opera isn’t for everyone. That has been made abundantly clear to me time and time again when I seem to be one of the few left standing after three and a half hours of

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Pumpkin Is My Favorite Organic Material

Of all the Autumnal perks, I am going to boldly declare that my favorite part of Fall is the proliferation of pumpkins and pumpkin-derived goods. For one thing, pumpkins look freaking awesome. Even before you slice a visage into their hide, the unmolested pumpkin is

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Cocktail Crashers Vol II: The History of Salads

This weekend on Cocktail Crashers, I’m giving you a powerful (and possibly insipid) little morsel to pass along to your dinner dates: the bizarre history of a few popular salads. I’ve already had a couple of people tell me they used my last bit of