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Jon Stewart with a brilliant look at hypocrisy in the conservative party….

I have a lot to say about Palin. So much that I had to split this post into two parts. And that’s just to talk about the religion issues… so, after the jump, Part One of my look at Palin as a Christian Fundamentalist and what might happen if we let End Times Fanatics run our country…

Look for Part Two next week.

Yes that’s right folks, they’re talking about the Rapture, the moment when the true Christian believers will be whisked away and the sinners and heathens will be left on earth to suffer at the hands of the Antichrist. That’s not all! A large portion of the country (I’ve seen 20% to 45% from semi-credible sources, but nothing definite) believe the Rapture will happen in our lifetimes. Which means, people, we need to get ready…

Fortunately, we now have our very own representative of the Pentecostals running for Vice President of these United States. This should scare you. Seriously. I could care less about her baby, or her baby’s baby, or whatever other family drama you want to throw in there. But I do care about how Sarah Palin’s extremist religious beliefs will effect her policy decisions.

Also, the images here are just a few panels from a larger comic, or “tract” as the lovely people at Chick Publishing like to call them. A few months ago, Popten’s own Victor Pineiro gave me a stack of these miniature comic books. I’ve never been one to turn down light reading of the graphic novel variety, so I took a look. It’s crazy. And fascinating. Kind of like a car wreck. I went to the website, and read a bunch of them – the artistry is actually pretty cool, but they’ll scare the pants off of you. Little did I know that a few months later, this kind of thinking would be echoed by a serious contender for the second highest office in our government.

I should make sure to note that Sarah Palin and her church are not affiliated to Chick Publishing, and she has, to my knowledge, never gone on record saying she believes that the Armageddon is approaching. However, in a recent video (now beginning to circulate in the MSM, including CNN) she gets pretty close – while she’s on stage, her pastor asks the congregation to pray for her so she can prepare Alaska as a refuge for the last days – a job which conveniently requires her to exploit it’s natural resources, and make everyone a boatload of money. Will wonders never cease!

The whole video is fascinating, but the quote that really jumps out is this one: “Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God,” and then went on to say, “That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.”

Luckily, God’s will isn’t devoted exclusively to foreign policy. Apparently, he’s also closely concerned with the transportation of natural gas, at least according to Palin: “God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that”

Last night, Palin finally submitted to her first real interview from the press. For the most part she looked like someone who had been cramming for a test all week. She had a pretty bad moment when Charlie Gibson asked her about the Bush Doctrine – I guess she forgot to study that particular notecard. She’s obviously not the most well prepared candidate we’ve ever seen, but there was another interesting moment where Charlie Gibson asked her about the statement from the video above… check it out:

Uh huh.



Moving on…

In that same video (5:06), her pastor says that Alaska will be a refuge in the last days, and tells his congregation that Alaska’s national resources must be exploited in preperation for that event.

Now, I thought that the villification of Obama during the Reverand Wright scandal was unfair, because there’s a difference between listening to someone and agreeing with them. We will never be capable of understanding or changing competing viewpoints unless we listen to them first. However, when faced with criticism about Wright, Obama gave his excellent speech on race, which explained clearly and admirably how he felt about the subject, why he disgreed with Wright, and why he still attended his church, despite those disgreements. While I thought the issue was overblown, I also respect the right of the public and the press to ask those questions, and I was satisfied by Obama’s response. Some weren’t, and that’s why we have a political process. Everybody gets to vote…

Sarah Palin faces the same sort of criticism, but in this case, she has been refusing to speak to the media and arguing that any probing questions about her religion or her family are off limits. As a citizen of this country, I think that is unacceptable. Especially since some of the statements are her own, and she’s actually standing on stage during others. Most importantly, when faced with legitimate criticism about her positions on policy, she has a responsibility to respond to the American People.

I need to know if she believes in some of the widely held, but extreme views on America’s potential role in the End Days. I need to know if her decisions as Vice President, or God Forbid, President, would be directly affected by any of those beliefs. Most importantly, I need to know whether decisions about global warming and war will be affected by her desire to bring about the 1000 year long “Kingdom of God on Earth” as outlined in the Bible. One of those steps on the way to the Rapture is World War Three, and I am definitely not ok with a Vice President who secretly gets excited about war with Russia because it could mean that Jesus is on his way…

Next week – The End Times – A primer on how they think things are supposed to happen, and how that could effect the policies of a McCain-Palin Administration.

And just in case you’re calling bullshit on me with all this conspiracy theory sounding stuff – take a look at this McCain advertisement, and then read this Time Magazine article that explains how they’re using coded imagery to imply that Obama is the Antichrist.

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