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Panda Watch 2008

I tend to avoid animal themed websites… I’m never on Cute Overload or, god forbid, LOL Cats. The thing with me and animals is that I just don’t care, sure they’re cute, nature is fascinating blah blah blah… I don’t even really care if they’re dressed up in crazy wacky sunglasses or stuffed inside a lime some how… I just don’t care, it’s not for me, give me celebrity gossip any day.
Then why oh why have I spent most of my day squinting at the panda cam? I’m obsessed with it! It’s live to California!! They’re just laying around enjoying their lazy panda life, having a blast, eatin’ some bamboo! Right now it’s laying in a pool! Growing up my sister had a giant life sized stuffed panda that we used to lay on to watch tv, we spent so much time sitting on him the poor guy was smooshed to the point of unrecognizable by the time we laid him to rest. I think we named him “Panda” (which isn’t surprising considering my Teddy Bear “Teddy”), because of Panda every time I see a real panda I just want to lay on its tummy and watch tv. The panda cam kind of has a security camera feel to it… and there is no way I can try to jump in there for bear-hugs!! Plus you can be spying on the panda cam all day! Even at work, apparently.

Highly recommended.

After the jump watch my excitement unfold

Bobby: pandas are adorable
me: I feel like I’m never going to see a panda
Bobby: come visit, we’ll go to the San Diego Zoo
me: I love the san diego zoo
Bobby: then how have you never seen a panda?
me: still no panda! I need to call the zoo and ask them to move the camera
Bobby: hahaha I thought you meant EVER, you meant on the panda cam sheesh
2:28 pm
me: um I’ve been staring at a fing panda butt for like an hour and didn’t realize it was a panda until it left
3:20 pm
omg omg omg he’s in the corner playing! OH MY GOD THERE”S A BABY
Bobby: ahhhhh so cute! I love it
me: hahah
Bobby: is this all you’ve been doing today?
me: well that only took 4 hours – -back to work!


6/26 1:52 pm

It’s sleeeeeping! and all cuddled next to a tree!


sleepy gus

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