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New York I Love You

I have been working on this mix for as long as I have been writing for Popten. It was at one point over 60 songs, and has morphed its way through at least 7 different versions. I found it so hard to edit down songs

Top Ten Songs For Easter

I want to wish you all a very happy Passover! However, there are not really any awesome Passover songs, unless you count Go Down Moses, which is only awesome when my cantor brother sings it in his bass-falsetto voice.* So to make sure your Good


Top Ten Shows I Saw at SXSW11

By all accounts I saw 70 shows in the 10 days I was in Austin. Not only is that a lot to take in, it’s also a lot to process and a lot to recuperate from. In the past I’ve done a post with every

Top Ten Commercial Songs – Take Three

Time for a round up of the songs I like in recent commercials.(See other commercial songs posts here and here.) These ones all break down to football, cars, and winter. I think it is time for booze to step up its game – they are

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Top Ten Tax Songs

Taxes are no fun. But aren’t you glad you are all done with them? Because it means refund time! So consider this your first of hopefully several, a mix about money, taxes, and stickin’ it to the man. Here are my top ten money/tax-related songs.