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Top Ten New Bands of 2010

I really only took one factor into account when figuring out what constitutes a new band in this list: their first full length album was released in this country in this calendar year. So you may try to argue that some of these bands don’t

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Top Ten “Shit My Dad Says” Tweets

I do not “do” the Twitter. I don’t lead, or follow, or Twit, or Twat in 140 characters or less. In fact, I generally think of the service as nothing more than yet ANOTHER venue (first came “pop culture” blogging) for jobless vainglorious idiots to

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The Kinks Konspiracy

About 50 years ago, the British Invasion introduced us to acts like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who: bands that have been time-tested as some of the most influential of the 20th century. But few people know or remember The Kinks. Sure, the

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Top Ten Political Snafus of the Decade

What a decade it has been for the political. From “Captain Earth-melt” Al Gore conceding the 2000 election to George W. Bush and the subsequent butchery of the English language that followed, to an historic 2008 Presidential campaign, tea baggers, and an aura of tomfoolery

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12.07.09 My Top Ten Broadway Musicals of the Decade

The Best of the Broadway Musicals OF THE DECADE 1. Sondheim Festival at the Kennedy Center (2002) I only managed to see two of the six shows that played in repertory over a four-month spell, but it was enough to realize how Sondheim changed the

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Top Ten of the Decade: All-Star Directors

Here’s a little taste of what may (or may not) end up on what is fast becoming an unintentionally ambitious (and perhaps unnecessarily long) Top Ten Films of the Decade list. These lists are incredibly exhausting to think through, but I know they’re super fun