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I vant to succkk your blooooddddd

rabbit Originally uploaded by angelatiara I’m seriously making the most grossed-out face of all time. Vampires are all the rage right now, and no, it’s not 1994 and I’m not reviewing Interview with a Vampire although it would go something like this (in 1994 twelve

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Top Ten Wedding Party Dos

I just went to a fantastic wedding. The pic is of the happy couple, my cousin and her man. I will not bore you with details, but I had about as much fun as you can have in 24 hours. On the drive back to

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The Ultimate Break Up Mix

I’m not a vengeful guy, and I’ve never been in a relationship where I’ve had use for a malicious “Welcome to Dumpsville, Population: You” mix. But as a Hornsby-esque music obsessive, who has spent half of his adult life creating meaning from song lists, I

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The Hillary-Obama Deal

Obama and Hillary appeared together for the first time on Friday in Unity, NH (see above) and there was a lot of dissectable body language, jokes about high heels, and Hillary even made a crack about the “spirited debate” they had in the Primaries. Thats

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My dad thinks Global Warming is cyclical

Weso?ych ?wi?t! Joyeux Noel! ¡Feliz Navidad! – translation – Adios Santa, you have nowhere to live! Originally uploaded by Miss Aniela According to this article on CNN today the ice on the North Pole could COMPLETELY MELT this summer! All of it! We could just

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Panda Watch 2008

I tend to avoid animal themed websites… I’m never on Cute Overload or, god forbid, LOL Cats. The thing with me and animals is that I just don’t care, sure they’re cute, nature is fascinating blah blah blah… I don’t even really care if they’re

The Moral of Snow White

Snow White remains one of the most morally ambiguous of Disney’s films, and because it is the first animated feature-length movie, one wonders why the message seems so vague. Obviously the lines of good and evil are clearly demarcated within the first moments of the