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Midsummer Rant on Journalism

A two-week old issue of New York magazine was sprawled on my couch. I’ve spent the past three weeks working long hours at a web start-up, so my entire life is an unapologetic mess. I spent the morning cleaning, when I found the magazine, without

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The Ultimate Break Up Mix

I’m not a vengeful guy, and I’ve never been in a relationship where I’ve had use for a malicious “Welcome to Dumpsville, Population: You” mix. But as a Hornsby-esque music obsessive, who has spent half of his adult life creating meaning from song lists, I

The Moral of Snow White

Snow White remains one of the most morally ambiguous of Disney’s films, and because it is the first animated feature-length movie, one wonders why the message seems so vague. Obviously the lines of good and evil are clearly demarcated within the first moments of the