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This Is Now the Greatest Pump Up Song of All Time

  And here we all thought that Lose Yourself would forever be the song we played before QBing the championship game (possibly on Nintendo)… At long last, an adrenaline anthem to surpass even those of the mighty Van Halen and Angus Young. Fire your therapist


        Remember when you used to play that RPG so much that you’d dream of it at night? (Actually, it might still be happening – I’ve heard many friends lament their Skyrim dreams.) Mapstalgia is a compilation of video game maps drawn

100 Years In 10 Minutes

  Wow do I wish this was available when I was studying for the AP history tests! An interesting visual summary of the last 100 years. The choices they make are mostly expected – especially with the bombastic soundtrack they have booming, making Earth feel

Top 50 Burger Joints In the World

Finally you have a solid reason to buy that Around-the-World plane ticket. The fifty most mouth-watering burgers, spread from New York to New Zealand. From a burger made of cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, pineapple, beet root, and bbq – to a burger dubbed

Top Ten Tumblrs: Best Tumblr Blogs of 2011

There are more than 20 million Tumblr blogs at last count. 20 million. Stumble in any direction online and you’ll find yourself drowning in an endless scroll of GIFs, photoshopped velociraptors and OFWGKTA. Tumblrs on everything from cheese people to hungover owls redefine the notion

Top 10 Alternate Uses For Socks

Socks. Who’d have thought a six-to-twelve inch long tube of fabric could be so useful? Well, I did, for one. That’s why I turned to my foot-focused friends from Socks, Inc. to come up with these ten ‘less conventional’ uses for these miracles of the