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NYC Santacon – Gonzo Youtube Report

I attended my first ever Santacon this year, and wow! I would describe it, but the video does it far more justice. A good time was had by most. Don’t miss it next year, unless you don’t want to drink illegally in a Santa costume

Invasion of the Body Scanners – TSA Edition

With all the drama about John Tyner not wanting his junk touched I thought the world needed another video about body scanners. Turns out they are pretty creepy. I mean what do they shoot you will if not radiation. As someone who has been told

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The True Santa Story: a Spokesman Gets Diabetes

Watch the popten exclusive real video story of Santa Claus. To keep with the times and provide the nicest toys, Santa was forced earn money by promoting everything from Coke-Cola to M&M’s. His unlimited supply of soda and sweets made him fatter and fatter. When

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The Muppets Take Youtube

The Muppet Studio posted this amazing version of Bohemian Rhapsody 6 days ago. It is up to 7.8 million views as of today. I can’t remember any video that climbed at such a rate. The newly created Muppet Studio channel is the number one most

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Obama Night in Times Square

One year ago today America changed forever. I was near Times Square when Obama was projected the winner. We decided to check out the scene. What I saw opened my heart and made it sing. The universal joy and sense of mutual accomplishment was astounding.