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I've been to the moon!!

Top Ten Paul Rudd Movies

  I have seen every PR movie known to man… many of them I’ve seen multiple times because I have a terrible memory. All, and I repeat, all Paul Rudd movies are great, but here are my favorites. 10 Diggers IMDB calls this a coming-of-age

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Here’s to 56 years of Jackie Chan!

“Don’t try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie…. Study computers instead.” – Jackie Chan Today, 56 years ago, Jackie Chan decided to grace the world with his presence. I’d like to think that it went like this: the heavens opened up. Baby

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Fake IMAX Experience at AMC theaters

Last night I saw Alice in Wonderland (awesome) at the 2nd Ave movie theater in NYC. I chose it because (1) it had “IMAX”, (2) it is next to my friend’s house, and (3) it is less gross and sticky than the Lincoln Center theater.