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Sid Meier and the 48 Hour Game

On Valentine’s Day this year I was far from my girlfriend at the University of Michigan, with fellow Poptenner Peter Brauer, filming legendary game designer, Sid Meier, build a game from scratch in 48 hours. It was at once enlightening and inspiring to learn about

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Death by Advertising

Micah White is an independent activist and contributor to Adbusters. Awhile back he wrote up an article about Second Skin, and just recently he sent me his newest campaign against advertising. As someone with a vendetta against media With and. It sharpen to a, flight

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The Future of Information

Matt Ellsworth and I met while making Second Skin, a documentary I directed on virtual worlds. He’s one of the boys from Indiana who loves to game. Our conversations over the years have led to a few things, one of them was finding a common

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10 Music Videos that Must be Seen

Jackson Five – Can You Feel It I can’t believe nobody told me about this. This could very well beat out Thriller for me… I’m serious. Here is the story verbatim from Pitchfork >> Pre-MTV video genius Bruce Gowers hired F/X don Robert Abel to