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Tig Notaro is brave and amazing.

Louis C.K.’s newest offering for sale on his website is an audio recording of a recent set from comedian Tig Notaro. I subscribe to Louis’s site, which means occasionally when he’s selling something he thinks his fans will like, he sends one very obviously self-authored

10 For the Ladies… Redux

Inspired by HK’s piece on Moneyball, I’m revisiting an old post, celebrating the ladies of both the small and silver screen who make me proud that I have girl-parts. Below, I present to you ten totally fictional, but awesomely varied, tough and sassy ladies who

TV Review: [BO]Ringer

    Yeah, I said it. I didn’t want it to come to this. Attempts were made to will this feeling away, but they were useless in the face of this monstrosity. Ringer, the new prime-time series that puts Mrs. Gellar back on the small

Top Ten Title Sequences That Make Me Want to See the Film

These days, the work that goes into creating some of the most innovative title sequences rivals the film itself. And let’s be honest; sometimes, it’s the only good thing to come out of it. (See: almost every romcom ever made). *sorry, I couldn’t embed videos

Louie vs. Dane

In an effort to continue my unabashed acknowledgement and praise of all things Louis C.K., I bring you the latest installment of hilarity, which is served with a generous helping of Get at very things dry cialis alcohol my lovely applies orangey? Out even franchise