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Top Ten Things Worth Uninventing

Forget about atomic bombs and crystal meth and crimper irons. It’s time to get serious about uninventing the things that have breathed toxic mold into the land of pop cultura for months, if not decades. 10. Hotel hangers attached to the rack. Who in the

Top Ten Signs Portlandia Exists

Twenty-three nights ago, I arrived in Portland to moonlight as an anthropologist. My mission? To find out if Portlandia exists. I spied chin beards on boys, glasses on hot girls, and anorexic jeans on both sexes. Might as well have been in Williamsburg, or any

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Top Ten Neko Case Songs

Neko Case will never use auto tune. Ever. She’ll tell you so herself. Her voice is too powerful a beast—deep and brutal and pining to tempt. The Alexandria-born, Tacoma-raised musician resents being pigeonholed. I’ve seen her style described as alt country (gross), indie rock and