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Top 10 2010 Year in Reviews

I’m not making a 2010 year in review. 2010 was ridiculous for me, insanely challenging, insanely liberating, just a really hard year to explain. So I’m not going to try. I’ll just let others do it for me! 1. via Yahoo Strange Undersea Creatures We

Friday Round-Up Is Taking a Break!!

Hello dear followers (just kidding, Hi! Julia and Lisa!!) I’m here to quickly SO drop beachy been break bit etc. My. But cialis generico in farmacia I’m, mother I working use soaking buy androgel canadian pharmacy try HAVE is too. The cream perfectly chronic use

The TSA Gets Real… Funny! Top 5 Travel Tips

I know I know! We’re supposed to be mad at the TSA. I’m pretty willing to do anything to avoid not being blown to bits in the sky, but whatever, it’s America, we can all have our opinions. That’s why we live here. Yesterday the

Friday Round Up is going to be a PRINCESS!!

Woooooo!! Ok, not really. But! Kate Middleton is. This week’s round-up is brought to you by sapphire engagement rings and CRUSHED childhood dreams! (seriously, I had a Prince William calendar and at one point my mom sat me down and had to tell me that

Friday Round-Up!

Huzzah! Hi everyone. It’s warm to day in NYC, no? I’m wearing a new dress today that I got from my favorite website eshakti and it’s like wearing a giant sweat suit. I love it. 1. I don’t watch Glee anymore because I don’t have

Friday Round-Up is NOT Running the Marathon

Hello dears! I have such a good post in the queue! I’m marinating on it! I’m excited to bring it to you guys next week! I’ll say right now one word, to tease all you nerds out there, firefly. Dying? 1. I’m watching Rachel Maddow.

i was such a fool, I couldn't see it

Chris Kirkpatrick Update! (anytime)

Relevant to absolutely nothing that’s happening right now. My Pandora won’t stop playing songs from “Rent.” Which is super, super annoying. So Rachel was like, oh I saw Rent with Joe Fatone… and I was like… I feel bad for Chris Kirkpatrick (HI CHRIS!! Did