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The Quickest Quick Start Guide to Pinterest

You’ve heard of it, you just got an invite to join and you’re excited… but wait! What do you do? Where do you start? What IS it?!?! There are a lot of quick start guides out there, but they are a little wordy so let me break it down for you!

What is it:

  • Pinterest is a place on the internet to save pictures of things that you like all in one organized space. It looks like a pin board that fancy people have in their offices when they are featured in design magazines.
  • You ‘pin’ a picture and it links back to the page where you (or whomever first pinned it) originally found it.
  • It looks like this:

What do I do immediately after sign up:

  • Do the ‘find friends‘ thing and find your contacts who already are in pinterest and start following them
  • Delete at least half of the pre-assigned boards so you look like you’re planning something awesome
  • Add the ‘pin it’ button to your tool bar – do it right way so it’s done you won’t regret it!
What should my first pins be about:
  • Go to your favorite place on the internet and find something there pick a few choice pictures and start adding them to your page to give yourself some initial content (this is my first pin, one of my finest moments)
  • Click through the categories and the favorites already curated by Pinterest and re-pin some of your faves
What can make me popular:
HK what is your most re-pinned pin?
What have you used Pinterest for IRL? How does it really help your life?
  • Food – I love looking all over the internet for recipes but I lose them if I don’t save them as book marks… but then I have a bunch of book marks and like a cookbook with no pictures I’m just not using it. With pinterest I see something delicious, pin it, can look back at the pic and remember I wanted to make it then click through to the original poster for the instructions!
I love organizing & I love the internet!
  • Perfect! You will love it here!
  • If there is something you like and want to remember or be inspired by or possible see again, just pin it. There is no wrong or right answer (yesterday I stumbled upon a community of women inside Pinterest who are interested in guns in girly colors. PINK. GUNS. Not my cup of coffee but hey, this is America)
  • It’s cliche but just have fun with it!
  • Warning: you will eventually try to rearrange your living room furniture and wear too many accessories to work… it’s all part of the process!

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