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Five Year Flashback: Top Ten Songs I Was Listening To – January 2007 Edition

So I am introducing a new (intended to be) monthly column here. Up until very recently, I’ve been religiously making mixes. Every month, I put together a mix for my friends. It was what I was listening to at that moment — whether it was a song stuck in my brain after I saw it on a commercial, a band whose pending concert I was excited to attend, or a track off a new album I had purchased that month. Eventually (late 2007 I think) they almost always had some amount of exposition, explaining my choices. They were like a semi-public musical diary, and those mixes are actually what got me this gig here at Popten.

So here’s how this pertains to you: Though I’ve been making these monthly mixes since January 2004, “Five Year Flashback” sounds so much better than Eight. (Also, I will admit privately that some of my music tastes and organizational choices in mix-making were questionable if we go back too far.) But in any case, I am going to pick my 10 favorites from whatever I was listening to five years ago, and through the magic of the internet and never deleting anything in gmail, I will dig up what, if anything, I said about said songs. And I will make you a mix. *In-line Disclaimer: For some reason I felt the need to make two mixes in January 2007, so I am picking extra songs for the mix. Enjoy.

Track Listing:
Bell X1 – Eve, The Apple of My Eye
Eisley – I Wasn’t Prepared
Eliot Morris – Will She Ever Love Again?
Esthero – Everyday Is A Holiday (With You)
The Format – The Compromise
Gomez – Girlshapedlovedrug
Grandaddy – El Caminos In The West
Griffin House – The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind
Hem – Not California
Josh Rouse – It Looks Like Love
Joshua Radin – The Fear You Won’t Fall
Matt Wertz – The Way I Feel
Melissa McClelland – Rooftop
Travis – Love Will Come Through
Venus Hum – Pink Champagne
The Weepies – World Spins Madly On

Listen to this mix via embedded 8tracks player above, or stream it on Rdio here.

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