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Justin Bieber: Under the Mistletoe

Happy Holidays is what terrorists say!! Merry Christmas!!

I LOVE Christmas music! I spend the week before Thanksgiving getting my holiday playlist all set up and this year was no exception. I’m pretty easy to figure out musically… I like the hits. I like to have fun listening to music, I like to sing along. I like to cry sometimes to “Jolene” or “I’ll never get over you getting over me” but for the most part I like FUN.

So I knew I’d want to get the Justin Bieber album. Oh. The. Biebs. I’m old-er than a teenager but not old-old so I think I’m in a good position to appreciate The Biebs for being fun. I have neither a teenage or a ‘I wasted my life’ crush on him. I just really like the part where Ludacris says ‘But I really wanna see her on the weekend’ in ‘Baby!’

What I’m saying is. I’m easy to please.

[Just…. one teeny tiny rant-like thing before I start. I typed in ‘J…u…s…t’ into Itunes and it auto brought up Justin Bieber, as the #1 Justin. Justin Timberlake was #2!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TIMBERLAKE! I GET IT I know you want to act blah blah blah just ugh come on and make some music!]

For the most part Under the Mistletoe is awesome. It takes a little to get used to the fact that there are some new Christmas songs. I always think that’s a little strange, there are so many standards I’m totally ok with you just covering all of them and not creating anything new. But, if I was in charge of music we wouldn’t have All I want for Christmas is you. Which, Bieber covers… it’s…. ok. Not great, I don’t 100% believe Mariah Carey did anything besides mail in a cd of her original and maybe some glitter, but it’s fine.


Like I said, I like the hits. The first single off the album is Mistletoe and every time it comes on I gravitate to the middle of the room and start singing. I can’t even help it. I already know the words. ie: in the time it took me to find this video and get the code I was rocking back and forth singing ‘Shorty with you! oooooh shorty with you!!’ what?! I know, it’s awesome.

There are also some pretty amazing collaborations. For ‘Traditional’ songs Bieber and Usher sing a beautiful rendition of The Christmas Song. Busta Rhymes and Beiber’s impression of a British rapper do Drummer Boy. Yeah, Busta! Where has he been and is that place jail? Didn’t everyone making a video of his get arrested once? Is that where he was? I’m cool with it, I’m glad he’s back.

Beiber teams up with Boyz II Men for Fa La La and his Santa Coming to Town is amazing. Your holiday dance party is all set!


I’m an old fashioned girl. As in, I lived with my husband for three years before we got married but I would NEVER have brought him home for Christmas until we lived together! Is not being with your boyfriend and girlfriend a big deal in High School? What kind of kids are worried about the person they love not showing up for the holidays? Am I missing some sort of custody nuance because my parents got divorced when I was 20? I always thought that songs about missing Christmas were to make salesman dads feel better about their lives.

There’s A LOT of ‘oh my girlfriend isn’t here I wish I could cuddle all night long’ in this album. To that I say WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS!!! If my teenager thinks that he can have his girlfriend sleep over on Christmas Eve he has another thing coming (unless she’s an orphan, I’m not a monster). Christmas Eve is the worst of these offenders. He says “It feels like Valentines Day!” No.

Most Jackson 5-y:

I know the kid is young (although not young enough not to take paternity tests for quickies backstage with strangers…) but Someday at Christmas is so Jackson 5 that I had to double take.

Most Religious:

This year is the year of Religious Tolerance! For me. I know the world is a mess, but I’ve become so chill with the world’s religions I want to sing them a song of peace and love in a very secular way. It’s new for me, and honestly it feels awesome. Pray is the most religious of all the songs on the album, but it’s nice. If you want to pray for people to have a better life, I think that’s really nice and good for you! There’s also a beautiful Silent Night.


You should get this. Grab your nearest crush and dance near the tree! You only get a month of this cheer don’t let the fact that it’s The Biebs stop you from enjoying it. It’s Christmas everything is fine!


Happy Holidays Poptenners!!



I bought it on Itunes but you can get it on Amazon HERE.

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