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Josh Charles and I are mentioned in Every Day with Rachael Ray!

Together! Like, we’re friends.

So, picture it… Astoria 2011… It’s late and I can’t sleep and I’m reading my Everyday with Rachel Ray and come across an article on what our favorite not-household-name-but-hey-he-cloud-be dream boat Josh Charles likes to eat. It’s a monthly column where Rachael asks a famous person to talk about their favorite foods and food traditions (this month it’s Donnie Whalberg!)

Just because he’s not a household name yet doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be. This is him over there on the left.

Recognize him? He’s been on TV a lot – head over to his IMDB page HERE and then hop back here!

The man is from Baltimore so he loves crabs and old bay etc… I tweeted about his culinary tastes immediately, did you miss it? That’s cool man it was PRINTED IN EVERYDAY WITH RACHAEL RAY! (this is the first time we were printed for something we said on twitter)

Can’t sleep! Found the best thing ever! @BaltimoreJosh interviewed in @RachaelRayMag! #swoon

Get it? I tweeted @ Josh Charles at his name @BaltimoreJosh and noted that it was @RachaelRayMag. Rachael noticed and thought it was cute (presumably) and decided to print it in her magazine! I find printing a tweet to be hilarious! Tweets are by definition short and immediate and don’t take time to go to the printers! I LOVE that someone loved one of our tweets enough to take the time to print it! It blows my mind!

We knew it was going to be printed last week when @RachaelRaymag tweeted that we were going to be printed in the October issue! We were SUPER excited! And then a few days later, social medial tragedy struck. SOMEONE in Josh Charles’ camp decided to take a ‘Social Media 101’ course* learned about personal branding and changed his twitter name to @MrJoshCharles. It’s literally the first thing you learn in seminars, get your name as your twitter handle, get yourself some google alerts and OWN your name! Good decision PR team, terrible timing for us!

The magazine comes out and it looks like we tweeted to nobody! If you thought it was cute and typed it in to see who we were tweeting at it would go to a broken profile! We look like the asshole here! When it COULD be argued that it’s the other way around! So we did the only thing that seemed to make sense. We ‘bought’ @BaltimoreJosh:

For the record I absolutely LOVE Josh Charles. He really did win us over as the cutie patootie ice cream man with the bitch sister with flat hair in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, and we were happy to see he entered his 20s with style in Sports Night! Plus, The Good Wife is fantastic and we really think he kills it as Julianna Margulies’ boss/old-possibly-new flame. We need to watch more of his movies! Any suggestions? Let me know if you have a favorite!

That was super fun! Thank you Rachael Ray!



* We don’t know that for sure but we’re willing to bet it’s true


UPDATE 9/15: We were contacted by Josh Charles’ PR team and asked very nicely to return @BaltimoreJosh, which we did of course! We only needed to make sure that Rachael’s fans knew who we were tweeting at so we didn’t look crazy! Then I immediately hopped on twitter and grabbed my maiden name back! Lesson learned, when you change your twitter name (which I recommend you do only once at the most) get back in there and make sure your old name re-directs! In related news: WE WERE CONTACTED BY A MAJOR PR FIRM! We’re wiping the dust off our tuxs with tails and ball gowns because the big time is legit right around the corner.

🙂 HK

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