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You Should Read This: SPOILED

Happy Birthday to me! It’s my birthday and I’m both home alone and hung over so I’m spending the day doing stuff for me! I just ate my second lunch and just started episode 1 of Damages. I spent most of the morning finishing reading SPOILED the new Young Adult novel by The Fug Girls of Go Fug Yourself (Is the name officially in all caps? I don’t think so but it screams to be written that way). I highly suggest that you go over to Go Fug Yourself right now and get caught up on Jessica and Heather’s writing styles. They’re hilarious. Legit hilarious. Their first-person accounts of J. Lo and Britney‘s most recent fashion wins and losses are epic.

Like all of their fans I was thrilled when they announced that they were releasing a book! I even pre-ordered it for my Kindle and waited for it to arrive through the air waves on June 1. I knew, that any girls who made a living creating the smartest, most entertaining fashion blog on the interwebs would do a fellow Sweet Valley High aficionado proud. Indeed they did.

SPOILED is the closet envy, highschool crush alert, encouragement to blow dry inducing fun that summer reading should be about. Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic because I was just in a wedding with my highschool friends and spent the past week watching Golden Girls with my sister. So it was very right time right place for me to just love reading this book about highschool loyalties and all levels of sisterhood.

Young Molly Dix’s mother has just passed away and on her death bed she told her daughter that her father wasn’t in fact a dead serviceman, instead he was hollywood mega action-star Brick Berlin. The biggest issue is that Brick currently lives with his other daughter, Brooke, who is the same age as Molly! It’s not reaaaally a cheating scandal (I can only imagine The Fug Girls flipped when Arnold’s recent trysts came to light) but more of a timing thing. Molly moves to LA to start a new life with her new family and the requisite shenanigans that accompany a small time girl moving to a big city ensue.

A little bit Popular and a little bit Harry Potter (roll with me on that one) they had me at the sign that Brick’s driver held out for Molly at the airport that read: Ms. Chanandaler Bong. Questions were left unanswered at the end of the book but it only leaves me wanting more!

Fug Nation, put on your BCBG sundress and your Prada flip-flops, grab a protein shake and head the beach with SPOILED in hand. You won’t regret it!

Available now on the greatest website of all time, Amazon.

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