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Top Ten Angry Birds Things

If you know me in real life, most likely you also know that I am somewhat obsessed with all things Angry Birds. So I was super excited last week when the indie rock duo Pomplamoose released an awesome cover of the AB theme song. It got me thinking — I have not only wasted a bajillion hours playing all instances of the game, but also soaking up all of the awesome ephemera created around it. So here are my top ten Angry Birds-related things.

1. The Aforementioned Angry Birds Theme by Pomplamoose

2. Jon Hamm Explains Angry Birds
Previously this video held the top spot in my favorite things about AB. Mostly because it makes something so absurd sound even more ridiculous but with such spot on accuracy that you just knowingly nod your head in agreement. “Get ready to waste some time, my friend.” (This video is set to start in the middle, I am not actually wasting 8:43 of your time.)

3. The Physics of Angry Birds
Some dude over at Wired plotted the course of an Angry Bird against actual physics properties. The graphs are pretty amazing. Spoiler alert: The red bird would be 70cm tall.

4. Angry Birds Movie Trailer
Real Pigs. Real Stakes.

5. The Daily Show Takes On Watson Computer
When Watson kicked the asses of Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, Jon Stewart took the opportunity to challenge the super computer. Best line? “I’ve been slinging birds into pig-filled buildings since before you were reading punch cards in a basement at MIT.”

6. Functioning Angry Birds Cake
One of the first AB memes to go around was a picture of a cake which someone posted to their twitter and went extremely viral. It was beautiful but not particularly instructional or for that matter, playable. Then this video came along, a blow-by-blow of the making of Ben’s birthday cake. “Construction: Icing, Chocolate Cake, Catapult, and Patience.”

7. Aaron Sorkin, Angry Birds Genius
Aaron Sorkin did a guest spot on 30 Rock. The whole one-minute scene is brilliant, and the Angry Birds wisdom he doles out is entirely true. I paused the tv the first time I saw this episode just to verify. You’re welcome.

8. Angry Birds Peace Treaty
This clip came from an Israeli show ???Eretz Nehederet, which is kind of a mash up of SNL and The Daily Show.

9. Crafting with Angry Birds
My crafty friend Willo sent me a link to Make and Takes’ Crafting With Angry Birds post. Of course my first thought was, this won’t work for yellow bird since he isn’t actually round. Maybe I need help… constructing my little yarn army.

10. Angry Birds for Blackberry
This one is actually a double meme. Prior to my iPhone, I owned a blackberry storm, and was immeasurably excited when I saw links going around Twitter that I, too, could get Angry Birds. Of course it turned out to be a cruel joke, as evidenced by the oh-so-true image below. But I will also encourage you to go over to Gizmodo, where I first saw this, and scroll through the comments for the second part of the meme. Brilliant.

And as a bonus for making it through the whole post, enjoy this picture of me, as a pig:

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  1. T Zydel says:

    Adding to the top ten list. Turning it up to 11…

    Life-size Angry Birds comes with giant slingshot

  2. gyh says:

    klikolokiko kokikokiklololkl

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