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Brocabulary 101: A Primer

It happens all the time. Someone hits you with a, “What’s up bromosapien?” in the locker room. Or maybe it’s a simple, “My main man Lindsay Brohan!” as you high five. Or maybe you’re hanging with a true broet who gives you the old, “You dousing those BROcoa Puffs with some BROse Cuervo, BROseidon?”

In all of these cases, you might find yourself at a loss, which usually translates into forced downing of Smirnoff Ices or other minor hazing rituals.

You thought the age of bro was over in 2009. And for better or worse, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Memorize this simple list, my friend – and make your life forever BRO.

[List by the Brocabulary Facebook Group.]

Sports Players:
*- Bro Montana (In reference to: Joe Montana)
*- Shaquille Bro Neal [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– PlaxiBRO Burress
*- Alexander BROvechkin [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean] – BROseph
– KimBRO Slice [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BRO-J Simpson [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– Shoeless BRO Jackson [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROshawn Moreno
– Hulk BROgan
-Tim TeBRO [Added By: Isaiah C]
– Tony BROmo [Added By: Isaiah C]
– Terrell BROwens [Added By: Isaiah C]
– BRO Nameth [Added By: Brosef Stalin]
– Chad BROChoCinco [Added By: Dan G]
– Lamar BROdom [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROhammed Ali [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– BROmar Garciaparra [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– BRO Theismann [Added by Will G]
– Smokin’ BRO Frasier [Added by John W]
– BROse Canseco [Added by Patrick L]
– Bill BROmanowski [Added by Luke A]
– BROny Hawk [Added By Max Colbert]
-Brohammad Ali [Chris P. and Samuel H.]
– AlfonzBRO Soriano [Added by: Brosef Stalin]

Music Artists:
– RingBRO Star
– AfBROman [Added by: Nick M.]
– Lupe FiasBRO [Added By: Harrison S]
*- The BROtorious B.I.G. [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean] – Nelly BROtado [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROyd Banks [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
*- My Chemical BROmance [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BRO.A.R. [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROcho on the Track [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROmarion [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– The Beastie BROS [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BRO Rida [Added By: Lila Day]
– BROasis [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
* – Kurt BRObain [Added By: Tim K.]
– Soulja BRO tell em’ [Added By: Phil P.]
– BRO-Yo Ma [Added By: G.I. Bro Charters]
– BRObie Trice [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– Jennnifer BROpez [Added by: Blitzer]
– The Brolling Stones [Added By Duncan R.]
– Broheed and Cambria [Ryan M]
– Bro-Tang Clan [Ryan M]
– BROne Thugs N Harmony [Added by Anthony S]

*- Seth BROgen
– Russel BROwe
– Angelina BROlee [ Added by G.I. BRO Carters.]
– LeonarBRO DiCapriBRO [Added by: G.I. BRO Carters]
– BROwen Wilson [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– Scarlett BROhansson [ Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– BROn Paul [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
*- RamBRO [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROsie O’Donnell [Added by: Brosef Stalin.]
– BROprah Winfrey [Added by: Brosef Stalin]

*- Edgar Allen BRO
– BROdysseus (For the more smarter bro montanas out there.) [Added By: Harrison S]
– Vincent Van Bro [Added By: G.I. BRO Carters]
*- BROseidon
– NaBROlean [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROan of Arc [Added by: Brosef Stalin.]
– BROden (Norse God) [Added by Nate F.]
– CasaBROva (Added by Greg S)

*- Mike BRhoads (Although he is a notorious Bro-Hater)
– Barrack BROBama [Added By: Lila D]
*- BROsama Bin Laden [Added By: Woody A]
– Curtis BROberg [Added: by Curtis O] – BRO Biden [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
*- Teddy BROosevelt [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– Ted LeBROnsis [Added by John W.]
– Blake BROhanka [Added by John W.]
– J.R. BROdley (Bro-King) [Added by: Phil P.]
– Brodolf Hitler [Added By: Nick Lilja]
– Lindsay BROhan [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– aBROham Lincoln [Added by Will L.]
– BROseph Lieberman. [Aaron F]
– J.K. BROwling [Added by Harrison G]


*- Frosty the BROman
– BROku (In reference to: Goku)
*- SpongeBRO Square Pants
– BRO – White (In reference to: Snow White)
* – The Pillsburry BROboy
-BROmer Simpson [Added by: G.I. BRO Carters]

– BROda (In reference to: Yoda)
*- BilBRO Baggins
*- BRObi Wan Ka No Be
– Riders of BROhan (In reference to: The Riders of Rohan)
*- BRO-Bo Cop [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– Bro-Ba Fett
– Don’t Mess With The BROhan [Added by: John W]
*-BROmeo and Juliet [Added by: John W]
– BROny Montana [Added by G.I. BRO Carters]
– BROey 101 [ Added by G.I. BRO Carters]
– BROcahontus [Added by G.I. BRO Carters]
– Captain Jack SparBRO [Added by Will H.]
– Brotastic 4 [Added by Donte A.]
– John Rambro [Added by Liam K]
– Master BROshi [Luke K]
– BROzo the clown [Richard M]
– Little BRO Peep (Added by Sean M.)


– G.I. Bro
*- BROse Cuervo [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
-BROcoa Puffs (Cereal) [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROton Power (Sup, Lax?)
– Dunkin’ BROnaughts
– BROkemon [Added by Lila D]
– Broca Cola [Added By: G.I. BRO Carters]
– BROpel Water [ Added By G.I. BRO Carters]
*- ABROcrombie & Fitch
– BROdells (Sports Store) [Added By: Woody A]
– Barnes and BROble [Added by Lila D]
* – BROakley Shades [Added By: JP C]
– BROshiba [Added By: “Murt”]
– BRO’s crab shack [Ryan M]
– PepBRO Bismal [Added By John W]
– BROskin robins [Added By Mark D]


– Lean Like a BROlo
– BROhemein Rhapsody [Added by: Bill T.]
– BROjangles [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROmiscuous Girl [Added By: Harrison S]
– That 70’s BRO [Added by: Lila D]
– BRO Boy Fresh
*- Bro Time at the Apollo
– The BRAHffice [Added by: Buck]
– Bro Country For Old Men
– Baba BROReilly (A song that all true bros love) [Added By: Nick Z]
-Get BRO (Lil Jon???) [Added By: Lauren H.]
– MariBRO Kart [Added by John W]
– Last of the BROhicans [Richard M]
– The Count of Monte Crisbro [Richard M]
– BROtel California [Richard M]


-BROklahoma [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
-San FransicBRO [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
-BROakland [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
-ChicagBRO [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
-BROviet Union [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
-MinneaBROlis [Added By: Brosef Stalin]
-IdaBRO [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– BROhio [Added By: Leah Enebro]
– MinneaBROlis [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– AnnaBROlis, Maryland [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– SacremenBRO [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– BROmaha [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– MexiBRO [Added By: Brosef Stalin]
– PhilBROdelphia [Added By Dan G]
– BRO’d Island [Added by Joe A]
– eiFLOW tower [Added by : Matt M]
-BROthesda [Added By: Lauren Hewins]

IN THE BIBLE [Added By: Eric B.]:

– aBROham [Added By: Eric B.]
– BROseph [Added By: Eric B.]
– BROah’s ark [Added By: Eric B.]
– Mary of MagBROlene [Added By: Eric B.]
– Cain and aBROl [Added By: Eric B.]
– the MaccaBROs [Added By: Eric B.]
– BROthlehem [Added By: Eric B.]
– PresBROterrian [Added by: “Murt”]
– HeBRO [Added By: Mike BRhoads]
– JeBROvah’s witnesses [Added By: Allen K.]

– BROquitos- good ass snack [Added by Phil P.]
– BROrito [Added by: G.I. BRO Carters.]
– BROzen BROgurt [Added By: Lila D.]
– Tabascbro [Added By Ben Hesse]
– macaBROni and cheese [Added By: Brosef Stalin.]
– BROtatoes [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
-PeppeBROni [Added By: Frankie K.]
– CaBROna [Added by Max C.]
– brotein shake [Added by Curtis O]


Tier 1 (More useful):
*- BROfessor
*- BROmosapien (In reference to: Homosapien)
– BROmosexual
*- BROfessional
– BROtein [Added by Phil P.]
– BROmunnity [Added by Phil P.]
– ConBROsation
-Brosephasaurus [Added by: Curtis O]
– Brocism (Racism) [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROpen Haggen [ Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROnomenal [Added by Phil P.]
– “Legbro my Egbro!” [Added by: Gus Ramminger]
– BRObot (If you watch Jimmy Neutron)
– BatBRObile [Added By: G.I. BRO Carters]
– Bromance [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– U.F.Bro [Added By G.I. BRO Carters]
– BROfLoCoPtEr [Added By: Lila D]
– Bronunciation [Added By: Natalie K]
– Broner [Added By: Natalie K.]
– SubBROsedly [Added by Frankie K]
– BROvember [Added by Patrick L]
– BRO-Caine [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BRO-highness [A-La Aleeta]
– Hide and Bro Seek [Added by Poon]
– Bro Job [Added by Pearce B]
– BROranatang [Added by Austin K]
– Broment [Added by Nick J.]
– Brotrayl [Added by Nick J.]
– Brocrastination [Added by Josh V.]
– BRO’d Trip [Added by Nate F.]
– Broshizzle My Nizzle
Tier 2 (You will probably never use these, but if you can…congrats)
– Brodeo [Added By: Broseidon King of the Brocean]
– BROller Coaster [Added By: Pearce B] – BROctogon [Added By: Connor L]
– AlgeBRO [Added By: G.I. BRO Carters]
– Bro n Arrow [Added By: G.I. BRO Carters]
– BROtesque [Added By: Harrison S.]
– BROcession [Added By: Nick Z.]
– BROlumbia University [Added By: JP C.]
– BROlice [Added by: Woody A.]
– BROmecoming [Added by Phil P.]
– “Bro-la” (Hola) [Added By George P.]
– sloppy bros [Added by Frankie K.]
– BROdacious [Added By: Blake P.]
– bromoted [Added by Justin H]
– SupercalifragilisticecspiealaBROcious
-Bro shizzle my nizzle (Added by Marc S.)

142 thoughts on “Brocabulary 101: A Primer”

  1. Matt Chakalis says:


  2. Jordan says:

    You forgot Mean Bro Green

  3. john k says:

    how did BROseph Stalin not make this list?

  4. sd says:

    Brosie O’Donnell…. Bropra Winfrey…

    That’s fucking tragic. You are fired! Just stop it. Stop and think.

  5. Lazy Eyed Rasputin says:

    You gotta put on a BRO-tie and look BROfessional.

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  8. sharon says:

    BROheed and cambria

  9. josh says:

    Joe BROgan

  10. josh says:


  11. foxxywithpaws says:

    John H BROmero

  12. Lance Landry says:

    Fear and BROthing in Las Vegas. First to use this one if I’m not mistaken!

  13. Lance Landry says:

    Also, Tosh .BRO
    Jay and Silent BRO (strike back)
    Grandma’s BRO
    Top BROmen noodles
    BROs Equis
    And last but not least go and smoke a BROwl because y’all can’t top me!!

  14. Dally says:

    Brotel Rwanda.

  15. WTF says:

    Hey Lance, your last additions are terrible. Tosh.BRO is the only acceptable one..

  16. bromagnon says:

    What about Bro McDonald had a Farm?

  17. matt mitchell says:

    AbeBROham Lincoln.

  18. Brosephina says:

    dude what about Han BROlo

  19. Tyler says:


    Bro-muda Triangle

    Bro-mosome (chromosome)

    Bro-lene (Jolene, Dolly Parton)

    Bro-deo (Rodeo)

  20. Brocabulary 101 says:

    BROsama Bin-Ladin

  21. Matt Webb says:

    San Anbronio Spurs
    Brosephs before hosephs
    Brosephus (Bosephus – Hank Williams Jr. song)
    Brozone layer

  22. AP says:

    Let’s play some Guitar HeBRO

  23. Brofessor says:

    Bro Biden
    Wiley Coybroty

  24. SciFi65 says:

    Bachman Turner BROverdrive

  25. Gary R says:

    BROman Polanski – Roman Polanski: director, writer, producer, actor

  26. Billiam says:


  27. KS says:

    SpongeBRO Square Pants?

    Really? Do you guys even think?

  28. YBNORML says:

    BRO 2 D 2

  29. dave says:

    Peanut brother and jelly

    Go bronanas

  30. dave says:

    Smokin bro frazier

    Brodeo drive (Ross cooper)

    Mash brotatoes and gravy

  31. Big C says:

    Can’t believe no one’s thrown these out there:

    Riders of Broham
    Brohemian Rhapsody

  32. Brandon McMahon says:

    Brotel (hotel)

    Bro-ped (mo-ped)

    Cell brone (cell phone)

    Brome coming (home coming)

    Brones (drones)

  33. Who says:

    Mr. BROvedere!

  34. Reed Wilson says:

    New mexibro

  35. Nabroleon Bronaparte says:

    Impressive Bro-nouns my dudes; with the exception of the stupid ones you’ve developed a decent Brocabulary here.

  36. Nabroleon Bronaparte says:

    Gotta add the alternate spelling of the word but the ultimate Brah; David HassleBRAhf

  37. Broseph Ballin says:

    Broseph Ballin (Joseph Stallin)

  38. SciFi65 says:

    BRObi Wan KenBRObi
    Depeche BROde

  39. Bigmatt says:

    Judge bro brown

  40. Bigmatt says:


  41. Bigmatt says:

    Brotatoe Chip

  42. Bigmatt says:

    Brodo Baggins

  43. Bigmatt says:

    Bro Jackson

  44. Bigmatt says:


  45. Bigmatt says:


  46. Bigmatt says:

    Bro force one

  47. Bigmatt says:

    Bro cha cho

  48. Bigmatt says:

    Bromatoe sandwhich

  49. Bigmatt says:


  50. Bigmatt says:

    Danny Brodaducci

  51. Bigmatt says:


  52. Bigmatt says:


  53. Bigmatt says:

    Broto shop

  54. Bigmatt says:

    Brotien shake

  55. Bigmatt says:


  56. Bigmatt says:

    Brocholate Milk

  57. Bigmatt says:

    Brovinci Code

  58. Bigmatt says:

    Browen Wilson

  59. Bigmatt says:


  60. Bigmatt says:


  61. Bigmatt says:


  62. Bigmatt says:


  63. Bigmatt says:


  64. Bigmatt says:


  65. Bigmatt says:

    ShaQuell Bro’Neal

  66. Bigmatt says:


  67. Bigmatt says:


  68. Bigmatt says:


  69. Bigmatt says:


  70. Bigmatt says:


  71. Bigmatt says:


  72. Bigmatt says:


  73. Bigmatt says:


  74. Bigmatt says:


  75. Bigmatt says:


  76. Bigmatt says:


  77. Bigmatt says:


  78. Bigmatt says:


  79. Bigmatt says:

    Bropane Tank

  80. Bigmatt says:


  81. Bigmatt says:


  82. Bigmatt says:


  83. Bigmatt says:


  84. Bigmatt says:


  85. Bigmatt says:


  86. Bigmatt says:


  87. Bigmatt says:

    John Bro

  88. Bigmatt says:

    Long Bro
    (Long Bow)

  89. Bigmatt says:


  90. Bigmatt says:

    Brocho Cinco

  91. Bigmatt says:


  92. Bigmatt says:


  93. Bigmatt says:

    Bromingo or Flamingbro

  94. Bigmatt says:


  95. Bigmatt says:


  96. Bigmatt says:


  97. Bigmatt says:


  98. Bigmatt says:


  99. Bigmatt says:

    Bromeo and Julliet

  100. Bigmatt says:


  101. Bigmatt says:


  102. Bigmatt says:


  103. Bigmatt says:


  104. Bigmatt says:


  105. Bigmatt says:

    The act of moving a brother

  106. Videbro Gamer says:

    HaBRO: Combat BROvolved
    Elder BROs IV: OBROvion
    Mass BROffect
    BROshock Infinite
    HABRO 3: BRO.D.S.T.
    Video Game category looks pretty bleak. Hope this helps.

  107. Not chuck says:

    BROcery store – no veggies, no juice, just booze, meat, and chips

  108. David R says:


    Jelly Bronut

  109. Reflections Vapor says:

    Bromagnon Man

  110. Nate says:

    United States of BROmerica

  111. Thomas T says:

    Outlaw BROsie Whales

  112. Sean G says:


  113. Robbie Klahn says:

    Broba fett

    Jangbro fett

  114. McCon54 says:

    BROhan Sebastian bach

  115. Jacqueline Bruschi says:

    Hey Brotatoe chip come over I’m making Macrabroni and chz. Bring a cheap bottle of brolot and we’ll work on our brocabulary and talk about our broconomy these days.

  116. LMAo says:

    The Backstreet BROS

  117. KickingPuppies says:

    Rocky Balbroa

  118. jake says:

    Bronnan (Brennan)

  119. jake says:

    bro-bi-one konobi (obi-one kanodi)

  120. Zeb says:


  121. brozila says:

    christopher brolumbus


  122. nick says:

    Paranormal Brotivity

  123. Jon Bro Jovi says:

    Whats up bro´s?
    For more brocabulary follow the brocadamy on instagram.
    Send me you your favorite broterm to keep the feed alive!

  124. Smithd9 says:

    I just like the helpful info you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at once more here regularly. I’m somewhat sure Ill learn a lot of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the following! kefcgkaeeagfkeff

  125. Broseph Toscano says:

    Jon BonBROvi

  126. Nixie says:

    I’m a girl but my baby bro and I love these brotraction (contractions). Thanks bunch.

  127. Paul says:

    Marcus Brorelius

  128. Kevin Kronz says:

    Bro Namath (Joe Namath)

  129. Brandon Sanchez says:

    #broszyslak (Moe Szyslak) drink up!

  130. ed says:

    aurora brorealis

  131. Smitty says:

    Brobert Downey Jr.

  132. Bro Montana says:

    Domo arigato Mr. Broboto

  133. reader says:


  134. rick johnson says:

    BROtato chip

  135. Trojan horse says:

    Witness protection brogram. Doubled up BRO!

  136. 21GAMES says:

    Couch BROtato

  137. 21GAMES says:

    Oh BRO (oh no)

  138. 21GAMES says:


  139. Jamie Cartledge says:

    Bad BROmance

  140. Sam Reid says:

    Broptimus prime

  141. Atomic Diesel says:

    Hank “Brocephus” Williams, Jr

  142. Mike says:

    Winslow Bromer

  143. IDFC says:

    You guys didn’t even add Rob Brokowski or Browski

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