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Breaking: I don’t hate myself because Kate Middleton is marrying a prince!

Congratulations to me people! I’ve moved past my “Prince William pic in my locker” stage to my “wow, I’m super glad I don’t have paparazzi following me around all the time and I love my totally non-royal but amazing fiance!” stage.

I love how riled up people are getting, especially Americans. A lot of NYC and USA centric blogs are riddled with comments like ‘Didn’t we get away from this monarchy?” and “Who cares!?!?!?!?” Ok. So you don’t care. Please move on. It’s on the news here but it’s hardly alllll over like it is over there, so just avoid it!

Then there’s this guy from Psychology Today (who, is probably just mad that is name is Seth Meyers and he’s not adorable)

How, I ask, could watching such a wedding – again, featuring people you’ve never met – make you feel good or better about your own life? How is spending time following the lives of others more fortunate than you any good for your self-esteem and your overall life satisfaction?

Awww Seth, nobody loves you, do they? [insert sad face] I’m sorry that it makes you feel terrible about yourself to be happy for other people! Even strangers and celebrities! I’m sorry that you live in a world where you’re trying to avoid a pretty hard to avoid celebrity culture! This is why we can’t have nice things Seth! This is why! Traditions are nice, even in monarchies. Yes, the wedding is expensive but it’s going to happen, there is nothing you can do. Also, your face is going to stay that way if you don’t cheer up you sour puss you!

So there are a few choices, you can be angry, you can be indifferent and you can be happy. I choose happy.

I will be tweeting from @popten live from Times Square starting at 4:45 am EDT tomorrow! So make sure to tune in!

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