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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Top Ten Samples in Rap Music

Sampling is essential to rap music. I’ve always liked the idea of DJs and producers pouring over crates of records. I imagine that our current generation of rappers are as informed by YouTube searches as they are by what’s available at record stores. The following

Asian Guy Fights Racism With Hilarity

By now, the inter-web is familiar with the likes of one Alexandra Wallace and her (not at all) intellectually sophisticated and nuanced take on cultural diversity on the campus of UCLA. It’s completely offensive, yes. But… she’s an idiot, so I don’t feel a particularly

Top Ten Film School Snob Films

There’s a bit of a film school snob in everyone. The movie-going experience can be a pretty personal one after all. There’s also a massive gap between what film school snobs actually like and what they say they like. For example, a young and impressionable

10 Super Disappointing Moments in Life

They happened to me and they can happen to you. Never underestimate reality. It’s stranger than fiction. Cue Bad Religion, it’s time for the countdown to ten moments I don’t wish upon anyone. 10. When you see a guy with a ponytail and probably a

Sleep No More

You wander into the dark hotel on eleventh avenue and walk through a dimly lit hall. They take your coat and ticket and motion towards a dim light in the distance. You walk through pitch-blackness, hands in front of you, through a winding hallway. Before

Hey Park Slope… Das Racist (for real)

Attention Park Slopers!… Brooklynites!… New Yorkers!… really, anyone with a working cerebrum. There is a weasel in our midst! He/she calls him/herself Jennifer McMillen, and gained notoriety last week after posting a mind-numbing display of I-swear-I’m-not-racist racism on In it, he/she urges fellow Park

Top Ten Signs Portlandia Exists

Twenty-three nights ago, I arrived in Portland to moonlight as an anthropologist. My mission? To find out if Portlandia exists. I spied chin beards on boys, glasses on hot girls, and anorexic jeans on both sexes. Might as well have been in Williamsburg, or any