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Top Ten Commercial Songs – Take Three

Time for a round up of the songs I like in recent commercials.(See other commercial songs posts here and here.) These ones all break down to football, cars, and winter. I think it is time for booze to step up its game – they are usually better represented here. Maybe they are holding out for Super Bowl? A girl can dream, right? But speaking of… here are some football ads I love: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – Home – NFL Sometimes I wonder if the average joe crazy Packers fan is sitting in his custom RV, watching this commercial and bopping his head to the beat, reaffirming his love for his team, all the while having no idea that the singer looks like this. The Go! Team – The Power Is On – Play 60 Beat gets stuck in my head, no fail. Derby – If Ever There’s A Reason – Ford Explorer Sweet singer-songwriter vibe on this one. Seems a little too sentimental a song for a commercial aired primarily during college bowl games. Jonsi – Go Do – Ford Explorer An obvious choice for the campaign. Wonder which came first – the slogan, or the desire to put Jonsi in a commercial. Dawes – When My Time Comes – Chevy Silverado It makes me so happy that this is a long commercial, and that it’s cut so that the music really shines. Hands down, this was my most played, favorite song of 2010. Sleigh Bells – Riot Rhythm – Honda CRV I find the comments on this video in YouTube thoroughly amusing. The Black Keys – Tighten Up – Subaru Legacy Love this whole album. Matt Pond PA – Snow Day – Starbucks Cute commercial, in that but it would never actually happen kind of way. Rosi Golan and Human – Les 12 Jours de Noel – Stella Artois The 30-second song for this commercial was so well-liked they actually went back and recorded a full-length version. Ellie Goulding – Your Song – John Lewis A beautiful cover of the Elton John song, for a commercial I saw while I was in the UK. Blackalicious – Toy Jackpot – Target This is my favorite song on this mix. As for Target, as I’ve said elsewhere, I loved most of their advertising this season, especially the fact that they offered all of the songs from the campaign for free download on their site. In case you were wondering, my second favorite ad of their’s was Guster’s contribution,

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both because I love the band, and I because I could totally relate to the spot, Tiny Christmas Tree, and it’s depiction of NYC-living. I’d have included that one here for you as well, but Target removed the spot from their YouTube channel. Lame.

Stream the whole mix here:

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