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Friday Round-Up is NOT Running the Marathon

Hello dears!
I have such a good post in the queue! I’m marinating on it! I’m excited to bring it to you guys next week! I’ll say right now one word, to tease all you nerds out there, firefly.


1. I’m watching Rachel Maddow. She’s talking about the stock footage used in Sarah Palin’s ads… get your own yawning bear HERE!

2. Rachel’s interviewing Tank! Levi’s bodyguard! I love that guy. Have you seen this pistachio ad?

I love it.

3. Last bit of political news. Bristol Palin didn’t vote. Like, of course she didn’t. She’s like 19, she’s a mom, she’s on dancing with the stars, what does she care about voting. I’m not even kidding, I totally believe that she doesn’t care. Related: I really respect and like Meghan McCain.

While appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Wednesday, McCain slammed Palin and said it was “ridiculous” of her to not vote.
“I think a lot of women worked really hard to give us the right to vote, and I think it’s anyone who doesn’t vote is just ridiculous,” she said of Palin.
“I guess it’s only important for Bristol Palin to vote for ‘Dancing with the Stars,” McCain said.

4. Ellen interviewed her wife, Portia de Rossi yesterday to talk about Portia’s new book and her former eating disorder. I love them, they’re just so happy together and so supportive of each other.

5. So, yesterday an old dude boarded a plane in Asia and on his way to Canada aaaaaaaaaaand BECAME A YOUNG DUDE mid flight!! I can’t. Why would you change in the bathroom, A. And B does this mean that people have done this before? I bet like, yes. Everybody get totalllly nude before you get on a plane please.

6. It’s cold. So I 100% want one of THESE.

7. Ok, so LeAnn Rimes makes me insanely uncomfortable. Her face is just so, clearly not real…. like look at her teeth and her eyes and her middle of her entire face. It’s confusing. I feel like something must have really really gone wrong. So she stole a husband and somehow is relevant again and did this interview that makes my skin crawl. If you can even make it to the part where they’re looking into each other’s eyes and like cuddling? puke. They should be super embarrassed about this, they’re not 10 years old, but they also haven’t acted like adults much so… yeah.

8. Nick Lachey and whatsherface got engaged. I don’t even care enough to link to anything to to see if I spelled Lachey right… Lacey? Don’t Care.

9. To make you feel better after those non-issues that I’m really sorry about:

10. But nothing could prepare you for the awesomeness of this:

via Gothamist.

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