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Friday Round Up is going to be a PRINCESS!!

Ok, not really. But! Kate Middleton is. This week’s round-up is brought to you by sapphire engagement rings and CRUSHED childhood dreams! (seriously, I had a Prince William calendar and at one point my mom sat me down and had to tell me that I probably wasn’t going to marry him! MOM did your parents tell you you would never marry a Beatle! Do parents of nerd boys feel the need to EXPLAIN to them that they can’t marry Princess Leia? Sheesh. Let a girl day dream.)

Top Ten Headlines from the Daily Mail on Prince William’s Wedding:

10. Britain WILL get bank holiday to enjoy a national celebration for William and Kate’s wedding, says Cameron

9. Will a royal baby be top of her list? Kate will give up her job but won’t be a working princess right away

8. Ulrika’s dressmaker is bookies’ favourite to design Kate Middleton’s wedding gown

7. Beaming Kate Middleton visits parents… but smiles hide unease at family feud which means relatives won’t be invited to Royal wedding

6. Pictured: The remote Kenyan hut where Prince William proposed to Kate

5. From pit to Palace, the first steps of a very upwardly mobile family

4. Camilla COULD be Queen: Charles breaks five-year silence on future role of his second wife [totally relevant and hilarious]

3. For once, Charles, do your duty. Let William be our next King!

2. A very British Royal Wedding… and the bride wore a burka!***

1. Revealed: How Prince William is following his father’s footsteps and actually marrying his nanny

And for some good measure here’s one from Jezebel (who we also thank for the awesome picture) we can read for how sad and lonely our lives turned out to be:

Blame Disney For Our Royal Wedding Excitement

*** this one is from the FUTURE and worth reading:

On behalf of the American Tea Party movement, Governor Sarah Palin had intended to present the royal couple with an autographed, leather-bound copy of her latest book, Going Commando. Unfortunately, she can’t tell the difference between England and Canada and turned up in London, Ontario, by mistake.

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