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Top Ten Cliche Halloween Costume Ideas, In Mix Form

Halloween is right around the corner. You now have just over 2 weeks to find an appropriate costume. We here at Popten want to do everything we can to make sure you have the bases covered. There are lots of room for costumed awesomeness, and plenty of opportunities to fall back on cliches. So treat this mix as a top ten (okay, okay, top twelve) guide of what outfits to avoid in order to maximize your Halloween awesomeness this year.

Tracks include * Zombie * November Spawned a Monster * Is There A Ghost * (Don’t Fear) The Reaper * Werewolves of London * Vampire/Forest Fire * I’m Your Boogie Man * A Man Needs A Maid * Psycho Killer * Devil in Disguise * We Suck Young Blood * Robots

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