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Friday Round Up! Woo!

Yep. Nothing clever to say this week! Having Monday off ALWAYS throws me off! It’s like here’s an extra day to make you totally off your game and confuse you and make work HARDER. Sheesh.

1. Here is my new favorite song by someone who isn’t out of Middle School:


So this morning on the Subway I realized that the facebook group for The Obesity Drinking Related Campaign thing in NYC is Yep, I feel grossed out.

3. I like Lady Gaga, obviously. Also, obviously the girl probably did some shady crap to become who she is… no big deal. This latest accusation that she took on the personality and style of a friend who committed suicide is a doozey.

4. So, ok. JCPE was out of town last weekend so I watched “The Backup Plan” I’m not going to apologize for it! It was FUNNY. I was googling pictures of the dog from the movie and I found this: This website is legit terrifying.

5. Good news is it gives me a reason to talk about Hawaii 5-0.


6. If you were near the internet this week I’m sure you saw this. Still so happy that JGL grew up so nicely.

7. Guess what award GQ gave John Hamm last week? International Man Award. What the hell does that mean? Also, I love John Hamm but once the guy is out of the Don Draper suit the goofball smile gives him away as just a regular guy!

8. I’m saying I LIKE that he’s a regular guy.

9. I learned something super gross on CNN today. Teens are PUTTING STUFF INTO THEIR SKIN! Like. paperclips. I’m going to throw up. (I also finally feel comfortable using the word “Teens” to describe someone else).

10. For your weekly news from the Chilean Mines, they sent the ALIVE people to hang out and talk about being trapped. THE ALIVE PEOPLE. That movie may or may not have ruined my life.

(ahhh it was a mistake to watch that! wait HOLY hell is that Ethan Hawke? OMG IT IS! wow.)

11. Finally and as a special shout out. It’s ironic that we were chatting about LFO just last week. On Wednesday, LFO leadsinger Rich Cronin passed away from Leukemia at 35. Via MTV News:

Rich Cronin, the former frontman for boy band LFO, known for the 1999 hit “Summer Girls,” died Wednesday ( September 8 ) of leukemia. He was 35.

TMZ reports that the singer lost his long battle with cancer Wednesday afternoon after suffering a stroke. Cronin was first diagnosed with myelogenous leukemia in 2005 after complaining of exhaustion and headaches. He later established the Rich Cronin Hope Foundation to raise awareness for cancer treatment.

Rest in peace dude.

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