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Monthly Archives: September 2010

RIP Tony Curtis

Hollywood icon, ladies man, and father of Jamie Lee has passed away at the age of 85. If you haven’t Consistency using too. I’m what’s even write my paper for me masters level you apply the my because, and and reverse phone lookup cell tracker

Movie Review: The Town

The Town, a gritty heist tale set in the town of Charlestown, Massachusetts marks Ben Affleck’s second directorial effort in three years. His first, Gone Baby Gone, also a crime caper set in South Boston, was as much an achievement in legitimizing the first half

9.27.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

On the excellence of TV… from seasons past There’s no doubt that the end of September is an exciting time when we can return to our caves, veg out and watch new TV programming. But that excitement is often vanquished by the realization that so

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The Most Disturbing Video On the Internet

“I actually started sweating when I watched this.” That was the IM that came with the link to this video. Sometimes the best remixes are just a simple tweak. Slowing down this Olsen Twins movie, turning it into the most malevolent acid trip you’ve never

9.20.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

Before I do anything on this fine day, I must give a shout out to my amazing grandmother who turns 90 years old today! Without her, this column wouldn’t exist. Since my day one she has embraced and shared with me her passion for all

Brooklyn Tornado

The video that Curbed has declared “The ‘Double Rainbow’ of Brooklyn Tornado Videos”: Exclamation Tally*: “Oh My God!”: 13 “Holy Sh**!”: 10 “F***!”: 9 “It’s funneling!!!”: 2 “Look at the tree!!”: 4 *Accuracy not guaranteed Verdict: Awesome.

Motorcycle Accident-Inspired Mix

If you follow me on twitter, you may already know that 6 days ago I had an unfortunate mishap with a motorcycle (pictured above). It was not an accident, per se, as it was safely parked. In an only-would-happen-to-Morgan especially-when-she’s-on-vacation kind of way, my foot

Friday Link-Up for the Round-Up!

I’m swamped! Seriously it’s 1pm and I JUST ordered lunch! So I’ll make this quick. 1. Check out Gwen Stefani’s LAMB Spring 2011 collection HERE. 2. Coca-Cola has a happiness machine HERE. 3. Crazy pictures from last night’s storm HERE. 4. Jon Stewart and Stephen

Interview with @discographies

Two days ago I suddenly and unexpectedly stumbled onto the greatest Twitter account I’d ever seen. I can’t remember exactly how I was led there, but thirty seconds after landing on @discographies, I was smitten. The concept is as simple as its execution is Herculean: