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Old Spice Love Affair

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are quite familiar with the body (of work) of Isaiah Mustafa. Mustafa is a former wide-receiver in the NFL, and currently has a talent contract with NBC. He might be better known to you as The Old Spice Guy (heretofore known in this post as OSG). But just in case you have been on some other planet, here is an introduction:

And did you know women prefer Old Spice for their men ONE BAJILLION times more than lady-scented body washes? It’s true.

But that’s not even the point. Old Spice has an even brand newer marketing campaign, which was brought to my attention by the lovely twitterverse yesterday. After seeing links to the Old Spice YouTube channel all day, I ultimately clicked on a video posted by my friend @aubs, wherein the OSG made a personalized video, comparing her to Bobby Fischer.

Of course I have lost hours on the Old Spice channel, but what I find intriguing of all is the blossoming love affair between OSG and Alyssa Milano. I mean, could this be any more awesome? The video evidence to date, in chronological order:

The most recent one came in

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an hour ago, and also happens to be my favorite:

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