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Friday Round Up is going on a City Sights Bus Tour Tomorrow

F you humidity!! I’m going outside tomorrow and learning about NYC! Woot! For the record there will be no Friday Round Up next week, I’m telling you this much in advance that it’s just not going to happen! I’ll be at Netroots Nation in Las Vegas, if you, loyal HK readers are going to be there too send me an email! hawkes.klein[at]popten[.]net!

1. Aaron Sorkin is set to write a movie based on the book “The Politician” about John Edwards!

Mr. Sorkin wrote the play “A Few Good Men” and the television series “The West Wing.” A representative for Mr. Sorkin did not respond to a request for comment. Mr. Young declined to speculate about which actors might play which parts.

I am super excited to see who they get to play John Edwards! Can I publicly state now that I vote Lindsay Lohan for Rielle Hunter?

2. Speaking of Aaron Sorkin, a longer trailer for The Social Network just hit the interwebs (which I learned from JTimberlake‘s twitter, naturally)

I totally agree with the WSJ

“We’re really hoping that the full movie is as much fun as some of the individual lines of dialogue in this clip, which you can see here. Oh–the choral version of Radiohead’s “Creep” is a cool touch.” – Wall Street Journal

This looks super cool.

3. For contrast:

4. It was brought to our attention at Popten that we don’t have a sports columnist (besides having a ton of dudes who blog, minus 10 man points for all of you!) So, I’m boldly stepping up to the plate (you’re welcome) and will be debuting a new column “SPORTS!! with HK” next month. First interview will be with a former NBA Cheerleader! If you have anything sports-related you’d like me to cover please let me know (you can check out my nail-biting coverage of the LeBron Decision HERE)

5. Last post from the World Cup! Spain’s cutest couple alive (he, a sports hero, her a cutie patootie journalist) couldn’t help themselves as she interviewed him after… My spanish isn’t great, but you don’t need a translator to know this is super cute:

(actually this does have a translation! woo!)

6. Celebrities, they’re just like us!! The Daily Mail has awesome pictures of Lady Gaga with Red-Wine Lips. I feel you sister, I can’t count how many times I woke up in the morning with half a purple face! Although I do try to exfoliate a bit before I walk out the door.

7. Old news to New Yorkers, but Pat Kiernan still rules:

[In college we all went to Florence (3 current poptenners met there, so I’m comfortably saying all) and we went to Venice for Carnival… my roommates were being super weird and wanted to come a day late and I can’t remember why and I was super mad at them. I think they were wearing capes for a while, they totally bought the big puffy hats and I wanted to kill them. Anyway they went their own way Saturday night and ended up buying a bottle of wine and going from store to store for hours trying to find an opener until they finally took the foil off and it was a twist off! haha]

8. The Jersey Shore season 2 trailer makes me laugh every time! Sooo excited biiiitches!!! Sammy Sweetheart is SO skinny! I can’t deal, is anyone talking about this? What did she do? Angelina is back! She’s the worst!!!
Please watch this, listen to The Situation try to spell his name over the phone to a delivery guy! Sigh. The. Best.

9. This Week in Movie Reviews Of Movies I Haven’t Seen That I Won’t Even Give A Full Post To Because They Don’t Deserve It: Charlie St. Cloud. I will never ever understand the whole “Hi, I want to cry as much as possible today and feel like crap and get scared that the people I love are going to die, let me spend $13 on a movie ticket” thing. You know?

10. Finally in possible the best news ever! 86 days in (sorry Morgan) the oil well has been capped! yay! I don’t know if this is forever, but I hope so! I’d rather not lose the world just yet.

See you in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

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