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Monthly Archives: July 2010

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Anthony Weiner: Another reason why NYC kicks a**

Anthony Weiner took center stage on the House floor to give the GOP an impassioned verbal lashing for trying to block healthcare for those made ill from toxins resulting from 9/11 . It’s nothing short of miraculous. Go Tony, go Tony, GO! I’m obsessed with

MTV: If You Really Knew Me…

Holy teary sobfest. Maybe I’ve gone soft, but this show is amazing. Here’s the skinny: MTV has partnered with a youth outreach non-profit group called Challenge Day (, that runs a 1-day workshop at schools all over the country, to encourage kids to start playing

10 Songs For 100 Days Of Oil Spill

Tomorrow marks 100 days since the BP oil spill in the gulf. I know they “successfully” capped it, but as long as that sucker is still leaking, I’m saying there is still an oil spill. But this disaster got me thinking a lot about the

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7.26.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

In my latest stint of movie-going, I’ve noticed a distinct greater excitement at previews, sometimes more than the main feature. Multiple flicks, edited down into three minute bite size bits is often so far more exciting that by the time the opening credits roll, I’ve

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M. Night Throws a Hissy!

So, M. Night got a little peeved at a reporter in Mexico for calling him a sell-out and a hack… or maybe his hackness came up first, then sell-out. Whatever, potato, poh-tah-toh. His response is kind of hilarious. He leads off with, “If I thought

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7.19.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. MOVIE Despicable Me This is one strange film, especially for kids. I could quickly rip this apart as second rate Pixar (it borrows heavily from Monsters Inc.) but I found myself thoroughly entertained by Steve Carell’s adept villain with a heart portrayal, the adorable